Day 26: Walk 365 Challenge

Today was an absolutely splendid day, and I enjoyed Day 26 of my Walk 365 Challenge.  I completed 1.39 miles at a pretty good pace.  My lunch break walking area is pretty limited.  I tried to add some extra distance, but I fell short of my 1.5 mile goal.  I’m happy with the distance I did complete though.

25/26 days completed on my challenge, which isn’t too shabby.



Day 25: Walk 365 Challenge

Despite my best hopes for a wonderful, spring walk during my lunch break.  April lived up to its reputation, and a quick shower rolled through the area.  I completed Day 25 of my Walk 365 Challenge with umbrella assistance.  But, it was a nice walk anyway.  I completed 1.07 miles at a slower pace.  I’ve been trying to use the time to make plans and clear my head, which doesn’t allow for a faster walk time.

Keep on moving….


Day 23: Walk 365 Challenge

Yesterday, I did a lunch break walk.  The weather was pretty good except for a stiff breeze, but what else can you expect in March.

I completed 1.21 miles, but my pace was a little slow.  I think I had a lot on my mind.  I’m back on track though, which is the greatest thing.

I look forward to Day 24.  The weather is supposed to be great.

Keep on moving….

Day 21: Walk 365 Challenge

Sadly, I must report that I missed my first walk of my Walk 365 Challenge.  Heavy rains in the Philadelphia region, and a hectic social schedule conspired against me.  I failed to complete my walk.

I anticipated that I would miss a day or two, but it is very disappointing when it happens.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to wallow in my on misery.  Day 22 will be a fresh beginning.